7 Ways to Discourage Your Pastor

Most Christians don’t intend to discourage their pastor. We (pastors) know it often happens with the best intentions. We should be quick to give grace. But if you are wondering HOW to cast some effective discouragement – try these on for size…

7.     Do not hesitate to frequently share advice from celebrity, mega-church pastors: “Well… Andy Stanley says…” We find it very helpful to be compared “successful” servants of God. 

6.     Talk often about how great things were at the last church you attended. 

5.     Always end your criticism with these helpful words: “And I’m not the only one who feels this way.”

4.     Join the finance committee and promote St. Francis Assisi as your model for pastoral compensation.

3.     Take a side on any issue related to music. It doesn’t matter what the issue is and it doesn’t matter what side you take – it is only important that you pick a position and defend it passionately. Throw in a few Bible verses for good measure. 

2.     Joke about how your pastor works “only one day a week.” That always gets a laugh. 

1.     When deciding how to share your concerns – the best way is in an anonymous note. No really – try it out – it aways hits the mark. 

On a serious note, pastoral discouragement is everywhere. See what you can do to uplift your pastor or pastors today. Send them a signed note of encouragement! Find a reason to complement the church on its music ministry. Give a gift card for their family to get out for a nice dinner. Or go old school: give your pastor a call and tell him or her how much you appreciate them! 

Therefore encourage one another, and built each other up,
just as you in fact are doing. – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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