About me

After spending about 10 years in business, I followed God’s call into pastoral ministry which started with training at Dallas Theological Seminary. I pastor a small church – and am particularly passionate about church unity, balance in ministry and preaching. Chances are I will blog on some of those topics soon – and I would love to hear your feedback.

If you serve the church as a lay leader or in a staff position – I hope this blog will encourage and challenge you to love the Bride of Christ more and more!


  1. I loved your post about Marianna Slocum and was wondering if you knew the date of her birth and death as I am assuming that she isn’t alive anymore? I have written a chapter on her in a kids book on Christian heroines and i need to insert that data. My name is Catherine Mackenzie.

    • Hi Catherine! I am glad the post was encouraging. What an uplifting story. I don’t know, however, birth/ death dates. Sorry! Blessings to you and God’s blessing on your book!

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