Prepared for Prayer

Being unprepared in prayer –
is neither wise nor good.
To open divine ears to us –
some things must be understood.

God’s will cannot be forced –
through clever words on golden tongue
Prayer is a conversation –
like a father to a son.

Listen close to God’s soft voice –
before you speak your peace.
Seek first His will and not your own –
hearts now truly meek.

Before God answers your requests –
His requests do chase.
Patience given to your friend –
On villains pour out grace.

To ensure your prayers are heard –
to the poor lend a helping hand.
His will first and not your own –
on justice take a stand.

Coming unprepared to God in prayer –
is neither wise nor good.
So we seek His face and humbly ask –
“Lord help us to live as we should.”

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