Come O Church

Come O Church
(Tune: Come Thou Fount)

Come O Church your Savior Jesus
worship Him now young and old!
Bow before your King the Victor,
rescued from the Devil’s hold!
Raise your voice, a Holy Priesthood,
God in you the Spirit dwells.
Sacrifice now is to praise him –
free from sin and death and hell.

Come O Church the Bride of Jesus
meet him ready, spotless, clean.
Transformed by the Spirit’s power,
washed and pure in everything.
Come O Church abide in Jesus,
Bear the fruit of God above!
Pruned and growing ever higher,
sing of God’s amazing love!

Come O Church your head is Jesus
live in peace and unity.
To the world a loving witness
shining light for all to see!
Come O Church, cry Abba Father!
Children of the heavenly King!
Brother, sister now adopted,
let your voice His praises ring!

Come O Church the Master calls you
share the gift of life and faith.
So that when this journey’s over,
life with Christ our Lord awaits!
Sing out loud – the hope of heaven!
Shine its light from shore to shore!
Fear is gone and tears of sadness
changed to joy forevermore!

The photo for this post is of a beautiful roadside chapel in Salome, Arizona. Each verse of this hymn reflects a different purpose of the church, given by Jesus. To worship. To grow. To love. To share the Good News.

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