M&M’s & Jesus

As you hold these candies in your hand,

And turn them, you will see…

The M becomes a W, then an E, and last, a 3.

They tell the Christmas story, It’s one I’m sure you know.

It took place in a stable, a long, long time ago.

E:  The E is East

Where the star – it shone so bright.

M:  The M is for the Manger

Where the baby Jesus slept that night.

3:  The 3 is for the Wise Men

Bearing gifts, for Him they came.

W:  W is for Worship, Hallelujah,

Praise His name!

SO WHEN you next enjoy a few

Let them teach you all year long

Jesus was born on Christmas day

So to God – you could belong! 


This is a great children’s devotional. I took the standard poem and made a few slight changes, including adding a concluding verse. Enjoy!

In my devotional, I bought several different types of M&M’s and had the kids look at them, and I had my helpers taste a few. Then I asked, “What do they all have in common?” They all have “M” stamped on them. From there I talked about how the M could become other letters, and then read the poem to conclude!

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